March 2017: Introducing IBM Spectrum Control v5.2.13

IBM Spectrum Control offers a single pane-of-glass to monitor and manage multi-vendor networked storage.  The latest release Spectrum Control v5.2.13 now offers the following enhancements:

Enhanced support for Dell/EMC storage monitoring

  • In addition to Spectrum Control, IBM Storage Insights, our SaaS implementation also monitors Dell EMC storage specifically VMAX, VNX and VNXe. We’ve added support for both block and file for Dell EMC VNX and VNXe as shown below:


  • We now provide visibility into volumes on Dell EMC storage (VMAX, VNX, VNXe) that are thin provisioned, compressed or even when they are meta volumes or private volumes as shown below.


  • If you had created alert definitions in previous versions of Spectrum Control they can be migrated over to Spectrum Control 5.2.13 as shown below.

SC and alert definitions.jpg

More insights from storage that is external to Spectrum Scale

  • If you are a user of IBM Spectrum Scale and decide to move cold data from the Scale file system into external storage (say IBM Cloud Object Storage) wouldn’t it be nice to know that you have enough local storage capacity in the Scale file system before you recall archived data from IBM COS? This is now possible by merely looking at the shortfall column – if the value in this column is 71.69% you have a red flag informing you that you don’t have enough local storage space so you should refrain from issuing a recall.


Enhancements for IBM object storage (COS)

  • While IBM COS has its own device manager dsNet to manage multiple storage devices from multiple vendors it is convenient to have a single pane of glass like that provided by Spectrum Control which can drill down into HDD, SSD and flash usage in IBM COS Slicestor® nodes as shown below:


Enhancements to replication capacity planning

  • We now provide a way to identify your risk exposure by using Spectrum Control to identify primary data that hasn’t been protected by replication.
  • You can report on storage capacity consumed by copy data & replication. The following visual shows you how we would display information about vdisk mirror for Spectrum Virtualize or Storwize.


  • Within the Copy Data view you can also view HyperSwap relationships as shown below.


For a detailed list of what’s new in Spectrum Control 5.2.13 please refer to this link.

For  the latest storage inter-operability matrix for Spectrum Control 5.2.13 please refer to this link.