Dec 2016: Introducing IBM Spectrum Control v5.2.12

IBM Spectrum Control offers a single pane-of-glass to monitor and manage multi-vendor networked storage.  The latest release Spectrum Control v5.2.12 now offers the following enhancements:

Capacity and performance monitoring of the IBM FlashSystem A9000 & A9000R

If you are a Managed Service Provider (MSP) offering cloud based services based on IBM storage like XIV or FlashSystems, you may wish to consider the FlashSystem A9000 which offers an all-flash enclosure node with three grid controllers.  If you need to scale even further the FlashSystem A9000R which is the rack version, supports multiple flash enclosures and multiple grid controllers.


While the FlashSystem A9000 has its own user interface, Spectrum Control provides significant value when you need a central pane of glass to manage the A9000 alongside other IBM storage (like Spectrum Scale, Spectrum Virtualize, Storwize, DS8K, XIV) and non-IBM storage (EMC, NetApp and others).  Spectrum Control v5.2.12 supports:

  • Capacity management: Monitors capacity in GiB at the pool level and also displays the savings you achieve from data reduction techniques (block level data de-duplication and in-line compression).
  • Performance monitoring: For Fibre Channel ports and storage volumes

Storage consumption reports by different consumers

As an enterprise IT dept offering internal cloud services you may have a need to create reports on block storage use by different consumers (who may be the application, department, hypervisor or physical server).  You may have a need to identify storage consumption by storage tier or by copy data.  Spectrum Control v5.2.12 supports this and gives you the option to use default costs or to assign custom costs to block storage, file storage and storage capacity used for copies.


Copy data reporting

As a storage manager you may want to know how much of your data in networked storage is primary data versus mirrored data.  Spectrum Control v5.2.12 reports on copy data regardless of the actual copy mechanism (Metro Mirror, Global Mirror, Global Mirror with Change Volumes, FlashCopy, Global Copy).

If you encounter performance problems and you suspect that the way replication has been setup is a probable cause, then you can use Spectrum Control v5.2.12 to drill down and get a list of consistency groups,  or even a list of all relationships that are part of a consistency group.

copy data reporting by consistency groups.png


Reporting on storage capacity in pools “external” to Spectrum Scale

What if you need to understand the storage capacity in internal as well as external pools of Spectrum Scale file systems?  Spectrum Control v5.2.12 now enables this.


A single pane of glass to monitor IBM Cloud Object Storage along with other storage

As an enterprise or MSP already using a variety of IBM storage you may have invested in IBM Cloud Object Storage (COS) to get an archive tier for less frequently used “cold” data.  Spectrum Control v5.2.12 complements dsNet Manager and helps you improve your risk posture by identifying which IBM COS site cannot tolerate an IBM COS Accesser node failure.    It also gives you a way to identify quota (hard/soft) compliance at the IBM COS vault level.

Greater choice on when tiers are analyzed and pools balanced

As an enterprise customer whose workloads spike during normal business hours Monday-Friday and then taper off on weekends you may want to isolate storage tiering analysis only to business hours.  This is now possible with Spectrum Control v5.2.12


For a more detailed list of what’s new in Spectrum Control v5.2.12 please refer to this link.  If you have thoughts or suggestions on how Spectrum Control could add more value to your storage management tasks please feel free to contact me.