March 2016: Introducing IBM Spectrum Control v5.2.9

IBM Spectrum Control is Storage Resource Management (SRM) software which offers a “manager of managers”, a single pane of glass to monitor and manage multi-vendor storage (block, file and now object) across your data center.

Previously Version 5.2.8 introduced a slew of exciting developments:

  • Support for object storage managed by IBM Spectrum Scale (in addition to supporting block and file storage)
  • Reduced reliance on Cognos databases for those customers who may prefer to view performance data in the Spectrum Control dashboard
  • The ability to generate and receive alerts on every single performance metric that you see in the Spectrum Control GUI, actionable alerts via “multi-condition alerting”
  • The ability to predict when a project will run out of storage capacity via a zero-capacity column in the GUI.
  • For customers of Spectrum Scale (previously GPFS) we introduced the ability to monitor performance (in addition to monitoring capacity and connectivity data).
  • For customers of tier 0 storage like the IBM FlashSystem 840 and 900 we introduced capacity monitoring and planning. For customers using Cisco Fibre channel switches in the SAN we introduced support for enhanced zoning.

Reclamation using Spectrum Control

Version 5.2.9 released in Feb 2016, adds to this rolling cadence of innovation by introducing valuable new functionality:

  • “Storage reclamation” accommodates the real world where a storage team might not always be informed by an application support team when an application is decommissioned and no longer needs relevant storage volumes. The ability to identify “orphaned storage” is now available in Spectrum Control Advanced,  this feature relies on sophisticated analytics to help your storage team identify waste in your environment. In an era of decreasing IT budgets, ever expanding data center costs (floor tile, power, cooling, mgmt.) the ability to do more with what you already have is a powerful way of lowering your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
  • Port naming more in sync with 3rd party management tools like Brocade Network Advisor.
  • Security updates for the Java specific SLOTH vulnerability which might impact CIMOM attached devices like Fibre Channel SAN switches or 3rd party (non-IBM) storage.

This is only the beginning for IBM Spectrum Control.  Stay tuned for exciting new developments to come.


Published by

Ravi Prakash

Offer Manager for IBM Spectrum Control

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